Canine Coiffure Backwell and Nailsea

Full Grooms:

A full groom consists of a bath followed by de shedding, trimming or clipping and styling for the breed, or to your requirements.

It will also include ear cleaning and plucking (if required), eye cleaning, anal gland checking and emptying (if required), nail trimming, and a health check.

A guide of prices for some popular breeds are as follows (please not these are from prices):

Bichon Frise £30-35

Border terrier clipping £30 Hand stripping £40

Cavalier £27

Cocker Spaniel £30

English Springer Spaniel £35

Golden Retriever £37

Jack Russell £25

Shih Tzu £27

Yorkshire Terrier £25

Small breeds start at £27 medium breeds £32 and large breeds £37

Please contact me for a quote.

Please note there may be a surcharge for dogs who are heavily matted, shaving in breeds not usually shaved, dogs requiring extra time due to poor behavior, and dogs requiring flea treatment.

Pet polish:

This consists of a wash, dry and brush, anal gland expression if required, nail trim and ear clean.

Small dogs (e.g. Smooth coated Jack Russell) £15

Medium dogs (e.g. Staffie) £18

Large (e.g. Dalmation) £22

Addition services:

Brushing for one hour with no bath £20

Nail clip

Face trim

Feet tidy up

Anal gland expression

Ear and eye cleanin

All £5 each of any two for £8

Collection and delivery is a possibility (please note there may be a small charge for this service) as are home visits. Please contact me for enquiries.
I regret I am unable to take on any new collection and delivery customers currently.

Terms and conditions:

By booking an appointment you agree to adhere to the following declaration:

Customer Declaration:
Thank you for choosing Canine Coiffure to groom your dog, whilst in my care your dog will be treated with trust, care, and respect.
I confirm that my pet is fit and healthy. I agree that the groomer will not be held liable or responsible for irritation, abrasion, or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning, stripping, or shaving or any mishap caused by non-disclosure of my pets medical condition or behaviour. If my pet bites or attempts to bite or show aggression, a muzzle may be used, or at the discretion of the groomer the treatment will stop and I will pay for any work done until that point, and for any damages or expenses caused. If my pet’s health causes concern, veterinary treatment will be obtained at my expense. If the grooming needs of my pet changes during the session I give permission for you to proceed as necessary in my dogs best interest.
The groomer will not groom out a matted coat in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006. Extremely matted dogs will incur a surcharge of £10.
It is politely requested that you do not bring your pet in for grooming if you suspect that it is unwell, in season, or has fleas. Pets with fleas will incur a surcharge of £10.
The groomer will take the utmost care of my dog whilst in their charge, however, accidents can happen, dogs are liable to sudden movements, and the groomer cannot be held responsible should this happen. A full explanation of any injuries will be given on collection, including advice on further action if required.
Please give at least 24 hrs notice when cancelling an appointment where possible, where less than 24 hrs notice is given a surcharge of 50% of the appointment cost will incur.
The client gives their permission for any photo to be posted on social media, if this is unacceptable please let the groomer know.
Client details are kept for information only and will not be passed to any third parties.
I hereby give permission for my dog to be groomed by Canine Coiffure under the T&Cs shown.